Celebrating 30 years of MicroScope and TechTarget’s acquisition of LeMagIT

December 19, 2012

By Olivia Shannon, @Olivia_at_OTechTarget_Logo-no Tagline

Simon Quicke - Editor in Chief -MicroScope - TechTarget party Dec 2012

Simon Quicke, Editor, MicroScope

This is an exciting year for the TechTarget team. We recently attended an auspicious birthday party for UK channel publication MicroScope (@ChannelNews) at TechTarget’s London offices. MicroScope was launched in 1982, making it older than some members of our staff. Simon Quicke, Editor of MicroScope, explained that MicroScope’s longevity shows the channel market is still relevant. Over the last 30 years, MicroScope has evolved from a print publication into a website that “provides significant added value services over and above news and analysis – such as seminars and events, a VAR and distributor directory, research, whitepapers, technical articles and background papers,” to quote a recent tribute to MicroScope. Happy birthday, MicroScope!

Of course, the birthday party wasn’t enough. At the same time, there was another celebration, this one concerning TechTarget’s acquisition of French enterprise technology publication LeMagIT (@LeMagIT). Like the TechTarget family of publications, LeMagIT is focused on enterprise IT, targeting and demand generation. LeMagIT has built seven French websites under the LeMagIT banner since it was founded in 2008, including SearchDataCentre.fr, SearchSecurity.fr, and so on. LeMagIT has also started a white paper library called lessourcesit.fr, which is comparable to ComputerWeekly.com’s white paper library.

TechTarget and LeMagIT have been strategic partners since 2010, so the acquisition was a natural move, especially as TechTarget continues to build its business in EMEA. TechTarget’s existing EMEA business generates over 500,000 sales leads for technology vendors annually. At the TechTarget party my colleagues and I attended, Bill Crowley, Senior Vice President of International for TechTarget, described LeMagIT as “the perfect fit,” a sentiment that was echoed by Kevin Beam, President of TechTarget.  David Castaneira, Founder and CEO of LeMagIT, said the acquisition was great news. He and the rest of LeMagIT’s existing management and editorial team will remain with the company and work with TechTarget to continue to grow its French business.

Bryan Glick - Editor in Chief - Computer Weekly - TechTarget party Dec 2012

Bryan Glick, Editor in Chief, Computer Weekly

Finally, for anyone wondering how Computer Weekly (@ComputerWeekly) has been doing since being acquired by TechTarget last year, it appears that going out of print after 45 years and focusing on the website has been a winning move. Bryan Glick, Editor in Chief of Computer Weekly, said one of the key benefits of the acquisition is that ComputerWeekly.com can now focus more on the quality of its audience than on the quantity of web hits. Instead of writing editorial that is focused on chasing web hits for the sake of web hits, Computer Weekly can now focus on serving its niche with quality, targeted content. Since last year, Computer Weekly has produced more long-form, premium web content than ever, including supplier profiles, buyer guides, reader surveys and more.Email subscriptions stand around 200,000, which is more than twice the number of people who had subscribed to the print edition (90,000).  To cap it off, this month Computer Weekly launched its Computer Weekly European User Awards. Altogether, Computer Weekly now has a bigger team, new products, more content, new events and a better website.

It was a delight to meet the TechTarget team and share in their celebrations. Congratulations to everyone at Computer Weekly, LeMagIT, MicroScope, and TechTarget. We look forward to hearing more next year.

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