Channel news: US 2112 Group and UK Incisive Media combine forces

January 9, 2013

By Rosalind Carr, @Rosalind_at_O

B2B publishers the 2112 Group and Incisive Media formed a recent partnership in a move to extend their  following internationally.

This recent merge will, they hope, establish a combined identity, sparking transatlantic connections and increased readership for 2112 Group’s blog Channelnomics and Incisive Media’s print publication CRN UK and its website, ChannelWeb.co.uk.

CRN explains the goal of this relationship is to “develop media and consultative products that span the transatlantic technology marketplace to support and enable tens of thousands of IT resellers and integrators.”  With this internationally integrated approach in mind, Channelnomics and CRN UK intend to produce joint editorial products in the next year, emphasizing their union through combined editorial objectives.

Lawrence M. Walsh, president and CEO of the 2112 Group, believes the partnership will “provide our clients with the opportunity to reach more resellers, systems integrators and service providers through one consolidated media and professional services provider.”  It’s clear there’s much excitement over the opportunities this new move has created, and Walsh is keen to emphasize the sheer driving power and potential of this new relationship, marking its unique presence in a transatlantic marketplace. He notes, “No other channel media or professional services firm can provide the transatlantic insights, marketing products or communications reach that 2112 and Incisive Media can together.”

So, what is on the cards in the coming months for this new venture? We’ll definitely be keeping a watchful eye on new developments. CRN predicts  this new relationship will establish an integral place within the global marketplace, serving the needs of more than 100,000 resellers, managed service providers and systems integrators responsible for over half a trillion dollars in annual economic activity.

Ultimately, forming such an alliance seems to be a step in the right direction that should help both the 2112 Group and Incisive Media increase readership and commercial opportunities in the UK and the US.

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