The best of: Virtualization blogs – Your guide to the top 10 most influential blogs

March 20, 2013

By Rosalind Carr, @Rosalind_at_O

A recent list of the most influential virtualization blogs has been unveiled, with thanks to Eric Siebert – VMware Evangelist, vExpert, book author, blogger and self-professed virtualization nut.

In this poll, 1300 people voted for virtualization’s most engaging blogs, including well known favourites as well as a few newcomers, with the following coming out on top …

  1. Yellow Bricks (Duncan Epping)
  2. Frank Denneman blog
  3. Scott Lowe blog
  4. NTPro.nl (Eric Sloof)
  5. Virtual Geek (Chad Sakac)
  6. Virtually Ghetto (William Lam)
  7. Mike Laverick (RTFM Education)
  8. Virtu- al (Alan Renouf)
  9. Cormac Hogan
  10. vSphere-land (Eric Siebert)

Many of the top 10 established blogs come from the VMware experts; however some of our readers will be familiar with other top 100 contenders previously mentioned on Countdown2VMworld, such as Storagezilla (Mark Twomey), coming in at 67/243 in the general ranking.

Check out Eric Siebert’s blog for further info and the full lists of most prominent bloggers in the virtualization community.

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