4 steps to winning a speaking slot at SNW Europe (@snweurope) #snweurope

April 16, 2013

snw_largeBy Olivia Shannon, @Olivia_at_O

As our own Rose Ross (@Rose_at_O) blogged back in February, next Friday, April 26th is the call for papers deadline for the Storage Networking World Europe (SNW Europe), Datacenter Technologies and Virtualization World conferences.

As in previous years, the event organisers are seeking “quality submissions from IT end-users, consultants, industry analysts and system integrators/VARs, describing case studies or technology update sessions that focus on real-world deployments and/or methods and best practices to evaluate new, existing or future solutions. ” More information and suggested topics are available here.

If you’re busy putting together your submission, you might be interested in these tips for winning an SNW Europe speaking slot, taken from a previous Countdown2StorageExpo blog post based on a conversation with the conference programme director at the time, Paul Trowbridge:

1. Include as much educational content as possible.

“The core ethos of the conference is to have as high an educational content as possible,” said Paul. “That’s what brings delegates. They want a programme that will help them understand new and emerging technologies, and they want to benefit from the experience of others [who are] deploying technologies and solutions.”

In your abstract and supporting materials, demonstrate how your submission will educate, inform and delight attendees at the conference. Emphasise areas where you can teach, guide, instruct or present something new.

2. Make sure your submission is not a veiled sales presentation.

Think like a delegate. Paul said, “The main thing we’re looking for is vendors who are bringing something new to the market: a new approach, a new technology. Sessions that attract delegates.” Most delegates do not attend industry conferences to hear an endless cavalcade of sales pitches, so make sure your submission is not fundamentally a sales pitch.

3. If you’re a vendor or solutions provider, your best chance to win a speaking slot is if one of your customers submits a case study highlighting their use of your technology.

In that case, it would be your customer making the speaking submission—not yourself.

“We have a very strong rule that a customer case study is presented by the end user,” said Paul. He added that speaking slots are “strictly sales-pitch-free,” so if an end user submits a case study, their supporting materials cannot include slides taken from the vendor’s sales presentation.

4. Submit as much supplementary material as possible, excluding sales and marketing material.

If you have a draft of your paper in the works, submit the draft. (Just mark it as a draft). PDFs of customer case studies are welcome, too.

Originally published at Countdown2StorageExpo.com. Copyright ©Launchpad Europe 2013. All rights reserved. You may copy and distribute this material as long as  you credit the author where possible; the copies are distributed only for non-commercial purposes and at no charge; and you include this copyright notice and link to Countdown2StorageExpo.com, the original source of the work.

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